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Green Bead Lapis Lazuli Butterfly Bracelet


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Free size stretchable semi precious tone bracelet.It has antique golden butterfly beads and a golden metallic finish plastic bead. Perfect for self wear and for gifting.

Stone:  Lapis Lazuli

Note: The butterfly beads may tarnish over time to a more antique look

About the stones:

Like most blue gemstones, turquoise activates the throat chakra, helping us speak our wisdom and truth. The gift of turquoise is in bringing an awareness that every part of us is an element of our Divine self, to be understood and embraced. The heart of compassion is knowing that darkness and pain is a universal human experience, and only by integrating these aspects of existence can we become whole. Turquoise encourages to accept ourselves.

Lapis lazuli is a stone with royal energy, in that it helps you uncover and access your inner noble and Divine nature. It activates psychic abilities and intuition, connecting you to spiritual guidance and visionary awareness. It helps you discern and speak the truth, as well as discover your truest inner Self.

Please note, as these are handmade products having natural stones, each piece is unique and minor variations in cut, size and colouration of stone are unavoidable.  Slight irregularity of shape is unavoidable due to natural nature of materials. The colour of the actual product may also slightly vary due to difference in light and screen settings of your device.




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